Does RD pin work on this 34-pin ILI9341 display?

A member on AvrFreaks has this display

He is using 3.3V logic. He can write to the display. It works fine.

But he gets no response from Read commands e.g. readID() or readPixel()

Do you have any 34-pin displays?


Hi David,

I have several 34pin displays, and as far as I remember, I could read from all of them.

But I don't know if I have this one, I need to check. I will answer later.





I am quite sure they are readable, but would need to check.

I would be 99.95% confident that they would work too.

However the AvrFreaks OP does not reveal his AVR C code. Since his display writes "work" I can only assume that his primitive setReadDir() ... functions are correct.

All the same, I know that I make typos, trivial errors, ...
and I suspect that other people do too.


I thought it looked familiar, but the similar looking one is a 3.5" ILI9486.