Domoticz + ESP8266 + AC MAINS Dimmer Setup

Hello everybody,

I was looking for a while for a simple solution to be able to turn ON/OFF and also properly change light levels for the MPDMv4 AC dimmer board. The main encountered problem was related with the ability to save the dimmer level when pressing "OFF" button and to return to the same level when "ON" again. The only solution that I found working OK was to use Events combined with a custom LUA script.

If you have any better idea how can be done simpler than that will be more than happy to hear about :)

More details, code,etc can be found here in the original post.

The LUA script might work OK also with others Dimmer Units, probably just need to tweak the values accordingly.

You can find also on Youtube a Video with a step-by-step setup walk-through for the AC Dimmer:


Happy breadboarding, TJ.

Domoticz doesn’t run on XP?

Sounds good. I personally don't like much domoticz. The UI seems to be too messy. It looks like for a factory.

mega-hz: Domoticz doesn't run on XP?

it runs from ARM32/64, Raspberry PI,Odroid, etc to Linux, Windows, MAC/OSX:

but NOT on XP! Why not?

mega-hz: but NOT on XP! Why not?

I have no idea, I am using it on a RaspberryPI 2 Board and is working great.

XP is quite old and outdated...might be a good idea to ask about on the Domoticz Forum:

If you want to install Domoticz on Windows then you need to do some small changes.

Details here: ESPEasy + Domoticz + Windows + MPDMv4 AC dimmer setup