Dragino MS14 Getting Started

I just got my Dragino MS14 board in the mail today. I plugged in the power cord and the only network that I am seeing is the dragino2-xxxx network and it is a secured network. The "getting started" page is here: Getting Started. Is there anyone familiar with setting these things up to be Arduino Yun compatible? What are the steps involved, the getting started page is not very clear. Thanks.

Well, possibly asking in the Dragino forum or their support might yield a better chance for an answer than here, I guess... :confused:

+1 to looking on Dragino's wiki for the info ! I have the Dragino Yun shield (Yun Shield - Wiki for Dragino Project) which is plug & play with the Leonardo and will work like a real Yun in that configuration. The MS14 is going to require a firmware upgrade, some level shifters to mach 5V Arduino hardware to the 3.3v Linux side, and a bit of fiddling.

Linux side of Dragino is AR9331 (same as Yun), logic level is 2.5 V instead of 3.3 V. You do not want to fire it.