Draw Wire Encoder Sensitivity and Mega2560 Freezing

PatMax I think that's exactly what I was looking for! Thank you so much! To answer your question, the encoder reads a steady number if I pull the rope out and hold it in a fixed position so I'm pretty sure the bouncing numbers are directly related to engine vibration. I've incorporated your suggestion into my code and verified it so, looks like I placed my curly brackets correctly. I'm anxious to plug this into my machine this evening and see if it performs as well as I hope it should. Also, I've ordered some Faraday tape to try and shield my power wires from my signal wires. I like everyone's ideas for filtering individual and multiple lines but I'm a little too ignorant to implement them correctly in a short amount of time and don't want to keep bugging everyone. I'll keep Googling best practices and materials for that job, but I hope the tape will be a quick way to maybe isolate which wires are producing the most noise.

great! for the freeze problem, look around the hydraulic pump control (or the line you suspect the most) before implementing the electro-magnetic filtering on the other lines (you can do it later, once the freeze is solved or in pass; otherwise you will implement general filtering solutions, but without being sure to play on the right target). You will tell us what is the excursion of the displayed value (position) when it will be displayed 1 time per second : on how many digits the vibrations of the motor are visible ? (to know if the vibrations are weak, or important on the displayed value). Don't be embarrassed to ask questions, there is always someone who has time at some point

Thank you again. I will target the hydraulic pump first then go after the smaller power lines until resolved :slight_smile:

A wiring diagram would be helpful.

I've been building as I go and don't currently have one but I'll try to make one up. I've been needing to anyway. My cabinet looks like a 3rd grader did it as I've has to add different things along to way but I may take a picture if I work up the courage to share lol.