Drawing Robot and MatLab, dont want to use MatLab

I am currently working through the MatLab course for my drawing robot, but I would really rather not use MatLab. Is there a write-up on switching this over to something else? A webServer or something where I can send it text and it just writes the text on the whiteboard on a new line? Would rather use it as a Note Bot than a Drawing bot.

Also, when will Arduino.cc sell replacement parts for these so we can build more than 1? I would also like to have the motorcycle built at the same time.

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Your drawing robot doesn't know how to draw letters. You will have to find the font information in the MatLab sources and build that data into your sketch. Then you can get text from whatever and draw each character.

How does the MatLab program draw characters?

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Hey @johnwasser , Thank you for that. I don't know how MatLab draws Characters, this is my first time ever using it. But now I have something to Google. Thank you

The kit is designed to work along with Matlab, so there is no information on using the kit outside matlab. But I am sure someone must have already tried this and maybe there is a blog available somewhere. If you follow along the drawing robot chapters you will be able to understand the working and then you can maybe create you own projects or improve upon it to yor needs.

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Not wanting to show my age but there was (still is?) a language (?) called Turtle Graphics which when I first heard it, was for a small robot that drew images using a pen attached to its body.

You might be interested in OSTR (Open Source Turtle Robot). It may have some ideas for you.

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Thank you!

I will look into this, thank you!!

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