driver folders

Arduino instructions for folder locations for Drivers sometimes contradict.
Are there any drivers in C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Arduino folders? Which folder does IDE save the driver files?
If there should be drivers in the C:\Users\ folders, how do I put them there? e.g. CH341

You would not normally place the CH340/341 drivers inside the IDE drivers folder but instead simply run the driver installer.

Parts of the IDE will then select the correct COM port based on the port you choose as dictated by LPT & COM Ports from Device manager.

BTW the official CH drivers are at this link CH340/341


Drivers are managed by the operating system, not the IDE. The IDE installer does install drivers for official boards (they're located in (install location)/drivers - but those files are just a backup copy and are only needed if you used the non-installer package, and did not already have the drivers in question installed. The installer points your OS to the drivers and tells it to install them, and your OS then copies the drivers to wherever it puts drivers (buried in some system folder) and does what it needs to do in order to use them when you connect the hardware.

For serial adapters not used in any official boards (like the CH340G, which is used on a huge number of clones, but not on any official boards), you need to download the drivers and run the installer that comes with them (or follow other relevant instructions included with the driver).

If you find conflicting/incorrect/confusing official instructions, you are always welcome to report this to Arduino. We would need to have links to the instructions as well as a detailed explanation of the problem with them.

Certainly any instructions that say that drivers can be found or installed to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Arduino should be fixed. The only possible sense I could make of that would be that some people refer to Arduino libraries for devices as a "driver". Arduino libraries are installed to C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Arduino\libraries on a stock Windows installation of the Arduino IDE. I don't think any official Arduino documentation calls Arduino libraries "drivers" and I don't think it's helpful to call Arduino libraries in this way, since the more common use of the term "drivers" in the Arduino world is something completely different and even by a looser definition of the term, not all Arduino libraries could be called "drivers".