Driver problem encountered in windows 10

I am facing driver problem in windows 10 . It shows error code 10 : the device cannot start, the specfied request is not a valid operation for target device..Driver installed under PORTS section shows exclamation mark next to it.

I have installed tried installing arduino driver for arduino uno board from several sites i.e.robojax, ch341ser and of couse that comes long with arduino download , but this problem is associated with every driver. Dur to this problem , when I open arduino IDE, ports section under tools option doesn't get highlighted so it doesn't show the ports.

When I connect my arduino Uno board to PC, for a very short time( say 2 seconds ) green light blinks (present next to ON), nd then ti stops blinking. Similarly for the same time LED light(yellow) blinks and then it stops..

Can anybody give solution to the above problem ..

Can you tell us, what board you have and where you bought it.
Maybe you can have a look at the board and identify the communication chip (which might be named CH340G, FTDI..).

If you don't know what I'm talking about, pls post a picture of your device (top view & bottom view).
You an attach the pictures while you are editing you reply and click on "preview" before you post and then you will see "add attachment" at the bottom of the edit menu.

Board name is arduino uno R3 board based on microcontroller atmega328 . It features the Atmega8U2 programmed as a USB-to-serial converter. Communication between Pc and board is done using usb Type A to type B converter cable...

Thats NOT what you were asked.

Nobody cares if its a real or clone but please provide the information requested by rpt007.

I think i have answered what rpt007 has asked . Still i would pose the picture of board , i think it would help…

And here I am attaching bottom view of board. Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated

OK the pic was worth it.

Looks like a real one.

That it blinks then stops may be a board OR a USB issue.

DONT use USB 3.0 ports but instead use a POWERED USB 2.0 HUB between the USB 3.0 and the Arduino if you only have USB 3.0.

If its a laptop ensure that any power saving on the USB ports is turned OFF (laptops and macs are prone to power issues with USB ports)

Try a few more USB cables (not usb 3.0 cables) as everybody sees a lot of USB cable issues in the forum.

Ensure the USB plug is ALL THE WAY IN (another common mistake and one I have also made)

Maybe worth turning off any driver enforcement that your version of windows is using.

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