driving 12v led strip through arduino , which transistor ?

Hello there , I wish to make use of my 12v ebay single color led strip, driving it with an external 12v power adapter. I'm famillar with the method of dimming and controlling the strip with a transistor , but I am Wondering what transistor should I choose for A 5m strip ( consuming 1.3a 12v current ) and based on what paramters should I choose ? Thank you .

Logic level n-channel MOSFET as a low-side switch, choose one with Rds(on) < 0.1 ohm
for cool running. Make sure its logic level. Use 150 ohm gate resistor or so. Make sure
the 12V supply is decoupled at the MOSFET, 100uF 16V electrolytic or bigger, that will
reduce interference generated.

Low side switch means +12V to strip’s +12V wire, strips 0v/GND wire to drain of MOSFET,
source of MOSFET to actual ground (of 12V supply and Arduino GND - they must be commoned).

can you please simplify you answer ?

Use a part like this:
connected like the left side here, with the LED & resistor representing your LED strip (which are actually multiple strings of 3 LEDs and a resistor, all connected in parallel).

Can you please further explain the answer ? Any by what conditions do You decided to use this exact transistor