New to the board. I've been reading through topics how to work with the DS12887A RTC. I'm helping repair an older cnc machine and the RTC was replaced but not activated. A few topics mention having success but never gave a wiring diagram or code.

I wish to just develop a program to set DV0 = 0, DV1 = 1, and DV2 = 0 in register A.

This is a big learning curve for me. I have experience controlling motors and items like that but com with a microprocessor is new to me. Any help would be appreciated.

I'm sure the data sheet of that particular chip will tell you exactly how to communicate with it.

And, you probably guessed it, I'm too lazy to do your homework which includes digging up that data sheet and posting it here. Links to the "few topics mention[ing] having success" may also be a good one.

If you need this in a few weeks it is best to hire a consultant. If you have the time purchase a copy of the Arduino cook book and read it. It is a good teacher and will get you started down the proper path. This response is to help you get started in solving your problem, not solve it for you.
Good Luck & Have Fun!

I'll go grab a copy thanks. I was just hoping someone has done this before and had some info. I've been reading the data sheet. I think the concept of how they communicate with a microcontroller is just difficult to grasp for now since the arduino makes it so easy. Turns out the board does this automagically on first start up after install.

After more research it looks like the internal battery of chip is dead. I cut one open from the same batch and battery is only .3 volt when its suppose to be between 1-3v. Cutting into the chip to expose the battery terminals and soldering on an external 3v is the way to go.

Thanks for the responses.

I had to do that with an OLD COMPAQ Laptop that used that chip.