DSO 168 monitor

Hi! I've bought a cheap oscilloscope DSO 168 which is quite ok for me except the size of its monitor. Why not try to change it? I've done few personal projects with Arduino, but never done anything with monitors. Please tell me where should I start.

whats wrong with the screen? Ahh nevermind, I though it was based on the Seedstudio series of opensource DOS's

It is too small

Uses common 40 pin LCD connector used by Pi and LCD shield for Arduino. If you can determine the exact type of LCD (size, timing, etc), you could get a bigger one that has all the same specs. Otherwise you'd need to get the DSO firmware, modify it for different LCD (different resolution, timing, etc) and upload it to the DSO chip.

The one I have has convenient programming port on the side. However I don't know how to hack the firmware (or code if you can find un-compiled codes) and load the correct LCD data in it.