Due with 7.0 CPLD TFT display locking up.

I have a project that is for a clock and gauges for my 69 mustang. It has Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Battery Voltage, Speedometer, Tachometer, Emergency light indication, Low beam high beam indication, Turn signal indication, and a clock.

The issue is that everything works wonderfully on the bench. When I put it in the car the display will lock up. Sometime it will run good, Other times it will get real choppy on the updates. And Occasionally it just locks up.

I have added better regulation to the arduino and a low pass noise filter circuit to the power in on the arduino. I am pulling my hair out on this. I have tried so much filtering that the filtering circuit was more complex and larger that the display with the arduino. Does anyone have anything else that I could try. Maybe something I missed.

Power in comes from battery through ignition switch, To fuse box, To 1.5A Voltage regulator, to noise filter, to Arduino, to ground side of noise filter to ground. LCD Is getting it power from the arduino thorough the shield.

I can power a schematic if it is needed. I do not have it with me right now.

The problem does not occur if the car is not running.

Here is the Display datasheet (Link)

I am using a CTE Shield specifically for the DUE.
It is on an Arduino DUE.
It does also have a RTC Module.

The Filter is similar to this with and extra RC network at the input right after the diode.


How is this an installation problem?