DUE with SIM900 Shield

Hi every one

I am working with arduino due and SIM900 Shield, I am having problems with GPRS_Shield_Arduino.h and SofwareSerial.h libraries, seems are not compatible with due, I was working with Mega2560 and SIM900 without problems but my project is having issues with ram space and i need move to due, are there any solution to use SIM900 with due?

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Some thoughts:

1/As I can see with these tutorials:

There is no need for a library. The DUE has 5 hardware serial, so use one of them (e.g. Serial1) instead of softwareserial which is not a DUE library.

2/The DUE is only 3.3V compliant, so you'll have to use logic level shifters

Thanks ard_newbie

I thought there was some librarie like GPRS_Shield for mega that make easier the interfasing with SIM900,

i will need to use directly AT commands . :frowning: .

This will be my first time with due and I'm not sure how to use the serial port, are the same of SoftwareSerial? where can i find some examples?

Thank very much for your help¡¡¡¡

File>Example>Communication>Multiserial is an example sketch....

Thanks again¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡