Dynamixel and Serial.

Hi! I’m working on a project using Dynamixel.
and i found a library by
Dynamixel.cpp - Ax-12+ Half Duplex USART Comunication
Copyright (c) 2011 Savage Electronics.
Created by Savage on 27/01/11.

Here is the part of it.

#if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100 // Arduino IDE Version
#include “Arduino.h”
#include “WProgram.h”

#include “DynamixelSerial.h”

// Macro for the selection of the Serial Port

#define sendData(args) (Serial.write(args)) // Write Over Serial
#define availableData() (Serial.available()) // Check Serial Data Available
#define readData() (Serial.read()) // Read Serial Data
#define peekData() (Serial.peek()) // Peek Serial Data
#define beginCom(args) (Serial.begin(args)) // Begin Serial Comunication
#define endCom() (Serial.end()) // End Serial Comunication

I want to make move the motor by using maxmsp.
I 'm using arduino UNO. so i have to make another Serial pin for Maxmsp Serial data.
I want to make another rx, tx pin(for example pin 3,4) using SoftwareSerial and use normal Serial to maxmsp.
but the library is using normal Serial for motors. how can i change the Serial to another?

please help me. Thank you.

and i found a library by

Found it where? Just lying in your driveway one day? Lucky you!

You are free to modify the library to create a software serial instance, and substitute that in place of the Serial instance.

thank you for your reply. I found the library at this blog.


I know that it can be modified. but i don't know what should i edit it.