Dynamixel AX-18A timing issue


I've been using 3 servos (2 AX-18A and one AX-12A) chained with an Arduino, and it was working very well.
However, two months after without using it, I had big issues with each : the timing has become bizarre and random. For example, when oscillating between two positions, with a one second delay between the two, the servo only moves every 5-6 seconds (to debug I only use one now).
I've tried changing Arduino board, PC, using a new servo, downgrading Arduino, for now nothing seems to work...
All help appreciated!

Can you post a wiring diagram? Pencil, paper and a camera are good enough.
What is your power supply for the servos?
Can you post your code? Use code tags.

Hi Eaklon..
Can you help me get the code to run single Dynamixel AX-18A motor using Aduino Uno? I tried all possible ways but got stuck into too many loops of error.
Please provide me the code to run the single motor specified above.