The compatibility of the Dynamixel Ax-18A servo with the Arduino


So I'm trying to build a biped and as it has to lift about 4kg of mass altogether, I will be going for the AX-18A Dynamixel servos. for it's legs.
What i wanted to inquire is, is there an arduino library for these servos. I've seen such libraries for Ax-12+ servo.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thank in anticipation :slight_smile:

One discussion, one topic please. Post and have a little patience.

What's different between AX-12+ and AX-18A servo?

From the chart here, looks like it just moves faster.

Well this is my first time posting on this forum so wasn't sure of what i have to do exactly.

Anyways, yes Ax-18a servos are faster have greater torque than Ax-12+.
Again, my question is can I control the x-18a servos using the arduino?

Thanks a lot for your patience!

I don't see why not. Both will return the same kind of status info, the AX18 will just move to the commanded position sooner, yes?

Thanks for replying.
Ok I hope so, I'll try connect Ax-18A with the Arduino just by using the libraries for the AX-12A servos