E36 dashboard coding for playing with racing games on pc

Hello. I found a video of a guy on YouTube explaining how to use a BMW E36 dash dashhub for gaming purposes. He already got a code for the arduino and the wiring. I did all that to find myself with errors such " missing Tone.h" Missing Adafruit.h" etc... I'm not someone who knows coding but I found the way to resolve that by installing libraries. Now I don't have the libraries problem anymore but I have an error code such as " warning: expression list treated as compound expression in functional cast [- fpermissive]
int speedcorrect = int (speed, HEX)

BUT THE CODE IS WORKING AND I CAN UPLOAD IT TO MY ARDUINO. But then when I do the next step with the SimHub nothing happens except 2 lights constantly open. I did everything as in the video but passed 4 hours to try to understand what's going on. Do someone have an idea? Thanks a lot:)

programming means process information (inside your head)
to make a program process information. So there is a lot of information.
That's why it is called informatic.

If somebody here in the userforum shall help you she/he needs - guess what? - information.

  • post the entire sketch
  • provide a link to the youtubevideo
  • explain what SimHub is provide links as well

tell us what microcontroller are you using?
is your microcontroller the exact same type as the youtube-guy is using?

best regards Stefan

Those are typically third-party libraries. Many you can find with Tools->Manage libraries... There you can find many third-party libraries. Type the file name in the "filter" box to get a list of possibly matching libraries. If that fails, try Google: 'Arduino filename library'.

Whoever wrote that is under the mistaken impression that adding ", HEX" after an integer does some magic because Serial.print(value, HEX); tells Serial to display the value in base 16 (hexadecimal).

The correct line is:
int speedcorrect = speed;

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