Easiest way to control 4 motors, up to 25A each

Is there a shield board to let arduino control 4 380 motors for up to 25A.

I am building a rc tank project, which require to control both tracks, 2 380 motor and turret move 2 smaller motors. all of them need to be bi-direction, and proportionate speed controlled.

380 motor is 20A when stalled, most ebay motor shield are only up to 2A to the most, is there bigger one with mosfet? why there seems no one develop larger motor shield for arduino.

........why there seems no one develop larger motor shield for arduino.

Maybe because arduino is usually considered a hobby micro. Not many hobbiests need such big motors.


Try searching google. Sabertooth is the first one that comes to mind, not cheap but pretty rugged.

What's the power source? How many amps can it produce?

Datasheet for motors?

hi mabuchi 380 motor ask for 3A at max efficiency, and 18A at stall.
Since it is a tank, I guess 25A per motor is safe. Power source would be 7.4 or 11.1v lipo, sufficient power to drive all of them.
I would use standard no-brake rc car ESC if there is no luck in arduino, but that is very bulky to have 4 together.

You might consider an H-bridge like below.



that seems to be an overkill for me, I noticed this product from Chinese source, it is a 4ch bi-directional ESC for tank.


or this one 15A two channel hbridge

it is a 4ch bi-directional ESC for tank.

Are your motors brushed or brushless?

oh, they are all brushed for sure.