EasyDriver and Unipolar Stepper Motor Question

I was hoping to see if I can get some clarification on what type of motors can I use the EasyDriver with. From the Easy Driver web site it says:

You can use 4-wire, 6-wire or 8-wire stepper motors. The only kind you can’t use is 5-wire stepper motors. (They need uni-polar drivers.)

So I want to use these stepper motors here:


It is a 6-wire Unipolar Stepper Motor with dual shafts. (if anyone knows where to find a similar bi-polar version can you please let me know?)

The first statement says I can use 6-wire steppers, the second says can’t use 5-wire unipolars. So does that mean I can use a 6-wire unipolar?


4 wires is bipolar only 6 and 8 wires can be unipolar or bipolar 5 wires are unipolar only.

For unipolar use you need access to the centre-taps of the windings - 4 wire motors have no centre-taps

For bipolar you need the two windings to be electrically isolated from each other. 5-wire motors connect the two centre-taps together so they are not able to be driven bipolar fashion (except in certain specialised ways)

8-wire motors can be connected as bipolar in two ways, each winding is split into two parts that can be connected in series or parallel. Connected in series they are equivalent to a 6-wire motor.