eeprom download to Mac

hey, i need to download data stored on the atmega eeprom into a tex tfile on my PC (macintosh). Any advice? thanks b.

Write a program to read the eeprom and write it to the serial port. EEPROM doesn't get mondified when you download new programs. There's only 512 bytes of EEPROM, so just copy and paste it into a text file.

If the contents of the EEPROM are binary it'll take a bit more work.

If you have a programmer I'm pretty sure it can be used to download the EEPROM.

Tell us a bit more about what you're trying to accomplish and maybe the answers can be more helpful.


hey, thanks. well, i guess I am not sure how to get any data out of the arduino IDE + serial monitor to my harddrive. in the end I'll need a textfile containing sensor data collected + stored on internal eeprom. let me look into it more, maybe the problem will just solve itself. thanks again, b.

Just use serial.print and the data will show up in the Arduino serial monitor. Copy and paste into a text (or other) file.

complexity goes up from there.


well I guess thats nice emergency solution, lets hope I can come up with something a little more elegant than that :).

What do you want to do with the data once you've got it in a text file? If you just want to store it for future reference, you could write a small Processing sketch to read from the serial port and write to a file.

ah, didn't think of processing. i thought I might just write it in a general c compiler. one thing I have to figure out is the Uart usage. i am receiving GPS data through the Uart, so I can't receive a prosessing/c command at the same time. i guess i just need to physically disconnect the GPS unit.

what about using the softwareserial to be able to communicate with GPS and the computer same time?

What about an example to get you started?