electric generator idea plausible?

Basically you grab the device by the handle stretch your arm out and swing down in a wave pattern I drew down (the best I could draw haha)

So basically you turn the swinging action into mechanical movement to power the gyroscope, this then when combined with coppee and a magnet to produce electricity… I attached an image of my design .

Can’t quite understand your drawing. Is your device swinging like a pendulum, back and forth, resulting relative motion between the copper coil and the magnet? If yes, sure, you will generate AC electricity, in the shape of paired positive and negative pulses, every time the do a relative motion. The swinging motion will eventually stop due to this energy transfer and the pivot’s friction.

The idea is to generate as much power as possible from using your arm..

Faster the gyro, more power .. ac not a problem with a diode rectifier..