End stop switch


can any one help me out to make me code for cnc shield for end switch. i found some of on the internet but once the end stop (x) pressed both x axis and y axis are stopping.

i will appreciate your kind help.

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this is the code i have tried, but this is stopping both x any y motors.
#define EN 8
#define X_DIR 5
#define X_STP 2

int delayTime=15; //Delay between each pause (uS)
long int stps=12800;// microsteps per revolution with 1/32 microstepping
const int limitPin = 9; //enable limitPin

void step(boolean dir, byte dirPin, byte stepperPin, long int steps)


digitalWrite(dirPin, dir);


for (long int i = 0; i < steps; i++) {

digitalWrite(stepperPin, HIGH);


digitalWrite(stepperPin, LOW);



void setup() {
pinMode(X_DIR, OUTPUT);
pinMode(X_STP, OUTPUT);
pinMode(EN, OUTPUT);
pinMode(limitPin, INPUT);
digitalWrite(EN, LOW);


void loop() {
while( digitalRead(limitPin) == HIGH){
step(false, X_DIR, X_STP, stps);
if( digitalRead(limitPin) == LOW)
step(true, X_DIR, X_STP, stps);

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This code doesn't show any Y motor. Only X_DIR and X_STP. The Y motor should not be moving at all unless it is wired to the X pins. If it IS wired to the X pins there is no way to stop the X motor without also stopping the 'Y' motor connected to the same pins.

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