Error: expected primary-expression before '<=' token

I am having an issue with this error and I have no idea how to fix it. The code is to measure the battery voltage and turn on a led lamp based on voltage. But I haven't reached the led part yet. Kindly advise on where I am going wrong with the else if loop.

btvoltagemeasure.ino (805 Bytes)

Please post your code,in code tags

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please learn how to post using code tags

here is your code:

int voltage = A1;
int bms_voltage;
void setup() {
  pinMode ( voltage, INPUT);
  Serial.begin (9600);

void loop() {
  bms_voltage = (voltage / 1023) * 100;
  if (bms_voltage >= 45 && <= 49) {
    Serial.print ("battery is reaching crtical charge");
    Serial.println (bms_voltage);
  else if (bms_voltage >= 50 && <= 49) {
    Serial.print ("battery is at medium charge");
    Serial.println (bms_voltage);
  else if (bms_voltage >= 70 && <= 90) {
    Serial.print ("battery is reaching medium charge");
    Serial.println (bms_voltage);
  else if (bms_voltage <= 40) {
    Serial.print ("battery is at low charge");
    Serial.println (bms_voltage);
  else (bms_voltage == 100) {
    Serial.print ("battery is at full");
    Serial.println (bms_voltage);
delay (1000);

this is not a regular C++ expression

if (bms_voltage >= 70 && <= 90)

you need to repeat the variable

if (bms_voltage >= 70 && bms_voltage <= 90)

same goes for all other tests

the last else is missing an if


Please read How to get the best out of this forum and pay special attention to the use of code tags mentioned by @anon73444976.

I'm too slow

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all if instructions have wrong syntax. See the language definition.

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Sure, thanks for the advice. Will start using code tags for further posts. Thanks a lot for the help @J-M-L @sterretje

Ill check the syntax @RudolfAtRTC

The safe way:
if ((bms_voltage >= 45) && (bms_voltage <= 49))

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You don’t actually read the analog input either

bms_voltage = analogRead ( voltage);

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...and there's no need to set pinMode for an analogue input, "voltage" should be "const byte", and there's no need for "bms_voltage" to have global scope.

And the value of "bms_voltage" (assuming you remember to analogRead (voltage) ) is nearly always going to be zero.
If it isn't zero, it'll be 100.

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True, but I always write it anyway because it captures the design intent, which is important if porting to a different platform with different default behaviours.

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