Error: 'init' is not a member of 'U8GLIB'

error: 'init' is not a member of 'U8GLIB' Please help I can't upload my firmware. What do I do after this? Plz step by step. I've been struggling with this for 6 days

Can you copy the error text from the bottom Window and post it direc there please, screen shots are very difficult to read and done show all the errors.

sketch\src\lcd\dogm\HAL_LCD_class_defines.h: In member function 'void U8GLIB_SSD1309_128X64_HAL::init(pin_t, pin_t, pin_t)':
sketch\src\lcd\dogm\HAL_LCD_class_defines.h:134:13: error: 'init' is not a member of 'U8GLIB'
U8GLIB::init(&u8g_dev_ssd1309_hw_spi, (uint8_t)cs, (uint8_t)a0, (uint8_t)reset);
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Sanguino.

It might extremely useful if you show your code; in the IDE, use edit -> copy for forum and next paste in a reply here and submit the reply.

Do you see that button in the orange bar? Please use that to copy the complete error message and next paste it in a reply. Next select the full error message, click the < / > icon above the reply window and submit your reply

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 *   M502 - Revert settings to "factory" defaults. (Follow with M500 to init the EEPROM.)

What just happen?

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When trying to compile Marlin, I'm getting the same error. Found this through google. Downloading the U8glib and U8g2 libraries didn't do anything.

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