Error on compile -stdlib.h not found

Looking in the old forum here this file used to be in /hardware/tools/avr/avr/include

This is not the case now . Can anyone tell me where they are found now?

What OS (Linux, Mac, or Windows) and Arduino IDE version are you using? If Linux, maybe I can help.

Puppy Linux 5.3

I am not exactly certain where your avr includes will be stored, but this should be close. I'm using Ubuntu. /usr/lib/avr/include That is where my stdlib.h, stdio.h, math.h are located.

Yes thanks , I have found these there and my linux is Puppy which is very similar to yours with a tolerable name . I added the path to my PATH but Arduino V1 still does not seem able to find them . I added that same path to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable too just to be sure but no joy yet.

So does anybody know if its maybe looking for something else in fact and reporting its error wrongly?