Error whit my arduino


When I try to upload my program to arduino I get an error.
The error:
Error compiling for board WAVGAT UNO R3.

I have my settings set correctly. (bord set to WAVGAT UNO R3 and port set to COM5)
I have also downloaded drivers becouse port option was grayed out.
Arduino is working fine with the old program. My other arduino uno R3 is also working and I can't upload to it too.

Thanks for reeding this.

Please post the full error message copied using the "Copy error message" button in the IDE and use code tags when you post it here

If you also cannot upload to another Arduino it sounds like there may be a common problem but if the IDE shows the COM ports then at least you know the boards are recognised by Windows

I assume that you have the correct board selected in the IDE

So that's a code problem.

  1. Does that mean that code compiles but you can not upload?
  2. Is that also a WavGat?

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