ESP13 shield and remotexy problem

Can anyone assist me with the use of the wifi shield ESP13 which is using the ESP8266 i have installed the shield onto my arduino UNO and can configure the shield through the webpage setup. I have wrote a little android program with remotexy and loaded to the arduino uno. I can find the wifi and remotexy connects but tells me it receives no data. My problem is maybe the connections for rx / tx maybe as it looks like the shield connects rx to rx and tx to tx from shield to arduino. Has anyone used this shield with the uno and remotexy that can give me some help. The code supplied by remotexy is as follows:-

//        RemoteXY include library          // 
//     use  library  version 2.2.2 or up    // 
//   use ANDROID app version 3.5.1 or up    // 

/* RemoteXY select connection mode and include library */ 
#include <SoftwareSerial.h> 

#include <RemoteXY.h> 

/* RemoteXY connection settings */ 
#define REMOTEXY_WIFI_SSID "Swimming_Pooll" 
#define REMOTEXY_WIFI_PASSWORD "12345678" 

/* RemoteXY configurate  */ 
unsigned char RemoteXY_CONF[] = 
  { 1,0,12,0,5,5,0,1,0,34
  ,13,33,33,2,88,0 }; 
/* this structure defines all the variables of your control interface */ 
struct { 

    /* input variable */
  unsigned char button_1; /* =1 if button pressed, else =0 */

    /* other variable */
  unsigned char connect_flag;  /* =1 if wire connected, else =0 */

} RemoteXY; 

//           END RemoteXY include          // 

#define PIN_BUTTON_1 13

void setup()  
  RemoteXY_Init ();  
  pinMode (PIN_BUTTON_1, OUTPUT);

  // TODO you setup code 

void loop()  
  RemoteXY_Handler (); 
  digitalWrite(PIN_BUTTON_1, (RemoteXY.button_1==0)?LOW:HIGH);

  // TODO you loop code 
  // use the RemoteXY structure for data transfer