esp32 and 2.4" SPI TFT ili9341 shows white screen

Hi all,

i’ve been messing with this for the past few days, trying multiple tutorials but nothing seems to work.

I got this “lolin32 lite” board, and a 2.4" TFT touch display with an ili9341 controller (image attached). For some reason it always shows a white screen.
The current setup is according to this tutorial (this was the only tutorial that uses the same chip):

Lolin32 lite image and pinout:

LED → Vcc (3.3v)
VCC → Vcc (3.3v)

please help

touch_screen.ino (9.78 KB)

2.4 display.jpg

This is my suggestion for e-paper connection to LOLIN32 Lite. Maybe it helps you.

#### mapping suggestion for ESP32, e.g. LOLIN32, see .../variants/.../pins_arduino.h for your board
##### - NOTE: there are variants with different pins for SPI ! CHECK SPI PINS OF YOUR BOARD
##### - BUSY -> 4, RST -> 16, DC -> 17, CS -> SS(5), CLK -> SCK(18), DIN -> MOSI(23), GND -> GND, 3.3V -> 3.3V

Thanks for the try but unfortunately the result is the same, white screen and nothing happens.

Any other suggestions?

Ok, I know I shouldn't answer Newbie questions with short hints as responses.

But it looked like just wrong pins used for hardware SPI.

If you follow this How to use this forum - please read. you have a better chance to get a complete(r) answer.

Mention of the library used is important - I know that Adafruit libraries can use either HW or SW SPI.

A link to your display also would help - this attracts more responders.

Looking at your code example, you wire to the pins selected in the constructor used for SW SPI,
or you use (uncomment) the constructor for HW SPI and wire to the HW SPI pins.

For any remaining issues with your display and the selected library I am not an expert.

Try the Graphics library for NodeMCU (ESP8266), ESP32 and SPI based TFT displays of bodmer

ILI9341 + DevKit ESP32

I got this "lolin32 lite" board, and a 2.4" TFT touch display with an ili9341 controller (image attached). For some reason it always shows a white screen.

I've been working on this too so I feel your pain. I've been able to get text and images displayed on the screen. I can also read input from the touch sensor. But I can't get input from the touch sensor AND read the screen. Any SPI settings that work with the screen break the touch feature, and vice-versa. I'll let you know if I make any progress.

BTW, I'm using the 2.8" version of this screen, though it's the same from a software standpoint, and my ESP 32 also a slightly different board.



Check you have two different pins for the TFT and chip select signals. Also make sure the libraries use "transaction support" so that the SPI settings needed by the touch and TFT devices are always preserved, for example the TFT will work at a much higher SPI clock rate than the touch controller. Not all libraries behave correctly in this respect.