ESP32 as iBeacon

Hi, I found a coding from the internet to make ESP32 as iBeacon as shown below:

Does anyone know how to change the advertising time?

Post the code here for a faster response to your question

Hi, the code as shown below:

#include "sys/time.h"
#include "BLEDevice.h"
#include "BLEUtils.h"
#include "BLEServer.h"
#include "BLEBeacon.h"
#include "esp_sleep.h"

#define GPIO_DEEP_SLEEP_DURATION 10 // sleep x seconds and then wake up
RTC_DATA_ATTR static time_t last; // remember last boot in RTC Memory
RTC_DATA_ATTR static uint32_t bootcount; // remember number of boots in RTC Memory

// See the following for generating UUIDs:
BLEAdvertising *pAdvertising; // BLE Advertisement type
struct timeval now;

#define BEACON_UUID "87b99b2c-90fd-11e9-bc42-526af7764f64" // UUID 1 128-Bit (may use linux tool uuidgen or random numbers via

void setBeacon() {

BLEBeacon oBeacon = BLEBeacon();
oBeacon.setManufacturerId(0x4C00); // fake Apple 0x004C LSB (ENDIAN_CHANGE_U16!)
oBeacon.setMajor((bootcount & 0xFFFF0000) >> 16);
oBeacon.setMinor(bootcount & 0xFFFF);
BLEAdvertisementData oAdvertisementData = BLEAdvertisementData();
BLEAdvertisementData oScanResponseData = BLEAdvertisementData();

oAdvertisementData.setFlags(0x04); // BR_EDR_NOT_SUPPORTED 0x04

std::string strServiceData = "";

strServiceData += (char)26; // Len
strServiceData += (char)0xFF; // Type
strServiceData += oBeacon.getData();


void setup() {

gettimeofday(&now, NULL);
Serial.printf("start ESP32 %d\n", bootcount++);
Serial.printf("deep sleep (%lds since last reset, %lds since last boot)\n", now.tv_sec, now.tv_sec - last);
last = now.tv_sec;

// Create the BLE Device
BLEDevice::init("ESP32 as iBeacon");
// Create the BLE Server
BLEServer *pServer = BLEDevice::createServer(); // <-- no longer required to instantiate BLEServer, less flash and ram usage
pAdvertising = BLEDevice::getAdvertising();
// Start advertising
Serial.println("Advertizing started...");
Serial.printf("enter deep sleep\n");
esp_deep_sleep(1000000LL * GPIO_DEEP_SLEEP_DURATION);
Serial.printf("in deep sleep\n");

void loop() {

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