ESP32-CAM night vision

Hi, I want to ask, if the ESP32-CAM can support some kind of night vision? I used my security camera´s LEDs but the ESP can't see it, its like remote controller for a phone camera. Maybe some different camera for ESP32-Cam would solve it, but I have no idea. :(

RGB cameras almost invariably have a near IR filter because near IR mucks up colour accuracy completely. A monochrome camera is the best candidate for having response to near IR.

Note that true night vision is something else entirely, involving photomultiplier tube to get extreme sensitivity. You just want to use an IR floodlight and IR-capable camera.

Hello guys, I would like to use the esp32-cam at night. Has someone a idea wich cam-modul (for example NoIR-modul) can I use with the esp32 and where I can find a library and example to use this? Or has someone a alternativ idea (for example not raspberry pi) ? Thanks any help in advance!

Nobody has an idea? :o

Sometimes you have to go your own way.

You might be lucky and unscrewing the lens will allow access to the IR filter or you may need more drastic measures to remove it. Maybe worth getting a spare like this from ebay to try it on or Google "remove ir filter from OV2640 camera module" and see what you find.

thank you for the answers!!!


sorry, I found this thread only now... so my reply might come a bit too late.

For the ESP32, the ESP32-Camera driveR (at least the latest official from Espressif) declares support for the OV7725 camera sensor.

This sensor has 6x6um pixels and is designed for good sensitivity in low light conditions, moreover it supports the "nighttime" profile with reduced framerate and longer exposure time. Although this won't beat full blasoned cameras it seems promising. The resolution is VGA, 640x480, it's low, but at least you get low light capabilities for $4.50 a piece... that cannot be easily beaten.

The OV7725 modules with the right cable for the ESP32-Cam boards ARE available via aliexpress and I'm gonna buy a few myself for testing.

Also, be aware that in this kind of low cost modules the IR filter is normally integrated into the lens assembly, so that swapping for another objective lens without integrated IR filter comes relatively easy.

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If you unscrew the lens there is indeed an infra red filter which you can remove. It is just a very small clear plastic disk, very fiddly though as the camera is so small and make sure you have the camera working ok first so that you can adjust the focus when putting the lens back on. This will make colours look washed out in normal light but allow the camera to see in to the infra red.

These cameras are really poor in low light conditions though because of the lens. I have replaced the lens on mine by hot gluing a lens holder on top of it and this made a big difference. The idea was from here: