esp32 devkit does not power up on vin

I have an esp32 Dev kit v1 (maybe clone). I loaded blink ino on it. Power via USB is fine.

When I use VIN Pin with 5v to 7v it does not start (USB detached). My power supply shows voltage break-in down to 1.7v and current draws max allowed. If I allow 200 or 300ma, the esp draws it.

Also powering via 3.3vand GND is not possible. don't remember current and if there is also voltage drop.

Coming from Arduino uni / nano/ mini I am very surprised.
Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks, Butch


The ESP32 does not have a VIN pin. 5 votls goes in on pin 1 and 3.3V can go in on pin 18. I recommend, during development, to feed the ESP32 with 5V.

If you put more V's on the 5V pin then 5V, your ESP is dead.