ESP32 Dimmable LED Panel with MOSFET


I want to use ESP32 to control and use a dimmer for 6 LED panels in my bedroom. The specification of each panel is mentioned in the diagram.

Although in the diagram it shows ONLY 1 MOSFET and 1 LED Panel but in reality, there are 6 LED Panels, therefore, I am guessing that each of the 6 LED Panel will need a separate MOSFET.

To add more information regarding the LED panel:
It is 15W LED Panel (note it is not LED Bulb or LED Strip). Link to LED panel is 15W LED Panel

Below is the picture of Driver that came with the LED Panel, note that the below driver is non-dimmable.

I would like to know:

(1) What MOSFET (Part number or model number, company name, etc) should I use for the above LED panel connected with ESP32 (I guess voltage of ESP32 is 3.3 v) ?

(2) Will each LED panel need separate MOSFET (6 LED Panels will need 6 seperate MOSFET) or can 1 MOSFET be connected to all 6 LED Panel ?

(3) If I am using 6 LED Panels what should be the specification of Power Supply (Voltage & Amps) ?

(4) If I use 6 set of MOSFET & LED Panels, can all MOSFETs be connected to a single PWM pin in ESP32 or does each MOSFET needs to be connected to separate PWM pins in ESP32 ?

(5) Is the above circuit okay, or would you suggest some other components to be added apart from MOSFET?

(6) What will be connection between power supply, LED and MOSFET. I am guessing that 'Positive of Power Supply --> Positive of LED Panel', 'Negative of LED Panel --> Source of MOSFET' and 'Drain of MOSFET --> Negative of Power Supply'. Kindly correct me if I am wrong.


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Here I have added much more details to make all the hardware very clear.

I was told by Juraj that the dimmer will be able to take the load. Thanks Juraj.

I was told by Juraj that the dimmer will be able to take the load. Thanks Juraj.

not for this one

And as before, you have a non-dimmable mains-supplied LED panel. If you have six, you can parallel them all and use a single "Powerswitch Tail" to control them from the ESP.

As they are not dimmable, PWM is not relevant.