ESP32 Power problem


I'm using ESP32 to run 4 IR obstacle sensors and send the reading to firebase.
I did the power calculations as follows :

4 IR sensors
4 x 43 mA = 172 mA

1 ESP32 = 500mA

So the total current = 672 mA.

When I powered the circuit with power bank 5000mAh with output 5V/1A (5v/1000mA). It works but it does not connect to WiFi. I tried power bank with 5/2.1A it works fine.

But I tried my friend's esp32 (same module) it works with the first bower bank(5V/1A).
So what is the problem with my ESP?

Two "seemingly" identical chinese boards can be different.
They even clone the clones.
Quality can vary in a clone and different components can often be used just to shave off the cost of manufacture.

Always better to have more amps as the device will only use what t needs and during transmit phases it will always draw more.

The only real way to know how different each one may be would be to double check each component with test equipment.
That would on occasion mena removing a component so not always worth the effort.



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