ESP8266 ( Node MCU V3) / waveshare e-ink 1.54 Zoll V2

I’m using a ESP8266 with Waveshare E-Ink Display 1.54 ( V2). I‘m not able to run standard libraries like GXEPD2 with the display.
I used the given wiring in the example code as well as other examples of the net, checked my wiring twice and more. Nothing worked.
( used driver GxEPD2_DRIVER_CLASS GxEPD2_154_D67)
Wiring: GxEPD2_DRIVER_CLASS(/*CS=D8/ 1, /DC=D3/ 0, /RST=D4/ 2, /BUSY=D2/ 4))
CLK at the SK and DIN at MOSI ( S1);

Has anybody had these problems too?

Wir spechen English hier...

Yes, most likely. I remember only few of the many posts I read, so I am not sure.

Hi @jafu9613, welcome to the forum! Please read How to get the best out of this forum.

In the Displays section, we welcome posters to provide clickable links to the devices in question.
This allows faster and more precise answers.

And if the site with the Node MCU V3 has a pinout diagram, it might be obvious that these may not be the standard HW SPI pins for the board you compile for. NodeMCUs have pins that are not usable except for serial memory chips.

You could try with the suggested wiring of GxEPD2:

// mapping suggestion from Waveshare SPI e-Paper to generic ESP8266
// BUSY -> GPIO4, RST -> GPIO2, DC -> GPIO0, CS -> GPIO15, CLK -> GPIO14, DIN -> GPIO13, GND -> GND, 3.3V -> 3.3V
// NOTE: connect 3.3k pull-down from GPIO15 to GND if your board or shield has level converters
// NOTE for ESP8266: using SS (GPIO15) for CS may cause boot mode problems, use different pin in case, or 3.3k pull-down
// NOTE: connect 1k pull-up from GPIO2 (RST) to 3.3V if your board or shield has the "clever" reset circuit, or use a different pin

I think you selected the correct panel for the Waveshare 1.54" b/w V2.

I you still have problems, please provide diagnostic output from Serial Monitor, in a code window.


hi, thank you for your fast reply.

RST at GPIO2 does not function. The sketch won't upload.

I changed the wiring to : GxEPD2_BW<GxEPD2_154_D67, GxEPD2_154_D67::HEIGHT> display(GxEPD2_154_D67(/CS=D8/ SS, /DC=D3/ 0, /RST=D4/ 2, /BUSY=D2/ 4)); // GDEH0154D67

Link to the board :

Serial monitor has the following output.

Did you change CLK and DIN to HW SPI (CLK -> GPIO14, DIN -> GPIO13), same as (CLK -> D5, DIN -> D7) ?

RST on GPIO2 works, if you use 1k pull-up: at least for me

// NOTE: connect 1k pull-up from GPIO2 (RST) to 3.3V if your board or shield has the "clever" reset circuit, or use a different pin

I tried both versions for CLK and DIN. Nothing changed.

Looks like I can't help you.

Many thanks for your support! I ordered a new one and now everything is working as expected.
Maybe the old one has some issues. I don't know.

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