ESP8266 shorted VIN to GND, running on alternative Power, should i replace it?

[NodeMCU Dev Kit]

So because I'm an idiot i accidentally shorted VIN (5V) to GND. I heard the windows device disconnected sound and then it was over (at least i thought).
I tried serving 5V power to VIN (going back through GND) and it turned on. I've connected a USB cable and the PC recognizes it.
I can do everything i could do before, but is it possible to fix that short? Probably not, because it's packed in such a tiny space.

But if anyone has this problem this is a quick solution.
And i probably posted in the wrong section, sorry

Should i replace it? Probably yes

Your question doesn't make sense to me.

You say that you shorted VIN to Gnd, that implies that you were in control of the undesirable connection between VIN and Gnd... Then you say that it works when powered with 5V on VIN - indicating that there is no longer a short between VIN and Gnd. But then you ask how to fix the short. And you say that you can do everything you could do before, but that you think there's a need to fix something - it sounds like nothing is broken?

I had it running on the built in USB port and then trashed the power lines of the usb port with that short.
However i can still power it through the VIN pin with 5V. So i have 2 USB cables now, one for power to VIN (the cable is dismantled) and the other one for data through the USB data lines which are still intact.

Are you aware that some USB cables are POWER ONLY and some are power AND DATA ?

Think pictures of your setup to the board would be helpful especially seeing as you are mentioning dismantled USB cables ! (clear pictures in focus)

As per DrAzzy I agree that a simple USB cable failure should NOT trash a USB port.
They should have RESET after re-boot as that has been the case for many years in the event of a direct short.

I suspect there may be something else you forgot to tell us.

The usb was connected a (a proper usb cable) and everything was good. But i accidentally touched vin and gnd with a conductor :confused:
Since this event the usb port only does data.
I have to use a dismantled usb cable to power the board through vin and gnd with 5v.
I’ve removed the short very shortly (<-- understand, a short short) afterwards but it was to late. Going to return the board tomorrow

Tstexh, I just wanna say that I did the same thing to my board...and your solution just saved me!

Thank you tstech. Your solution saved my board as well :slight_smile: I thought i had lost the board after it got shorted. it would no longer turn on using just USB. but powering separately brought it back to life.