ESP8266 wifimanager library

Im trying to use ken taylors wifimanager library to be able to see the new IP address esp is getting after reboot from the router but that library is not working with cores after 2.5.1 and is super unstable. Does anyone know stable library which has same features as Ken Taylor`s?

Don't want to waste time rewriting whole thing if library is available....tried tzapu wifimanager but that one doesn't show new ip address after connecting with router through captive portal.


got your point. TalktoSonic

How do you use the ESP8266? I already used Wifimanager together with OTA, but I ended up finding ESP-Link and I have used it as a bridge for the Arduino Pro Mini, it is very stable and has an interface similar to many professional routers.

Jeelabs: ESP-Link

Try this one. I have not tried it but on the Blynk forum it is quite popular

Esp8266 to be exact nodemncu v2 is being used as standalone i.e. no other mcu is present.

First user connects to esp in ap mode to configure it to connect to router via wifimanager captive portal.
That step goes flawlessly.
But then as esp gets ip address the webpage is being refreshed automatically/manually to show the ip address it got from router. Thats the part where ken taylors library does but is very unstable. Sometimes u have to refresh page few times.

Yesterday i switched to library by tzapu and started mdns service as soon as wifi.status returns connected then u can access through its name not knowing ip address which is kinda workaround but not the way i want it to work.

Esp_wifimanager cant do that either.

3 years ago i built very stable system with 328p and esp-01 in at command mode without esp8266 libraries...but now am trying to learn using nodemcu with widely supported library.

The other problem is that there are no references to that libraries or i couldnt find them. Am writing code for avrs, pics on daily basis and never went through the mess of esp libraries.

Well, you might be able to see something interesting in the ESP-link source code.

It seems that this was the software used on the Arduino-Wifi board (discontinued board, but the software continued to evolve).

If you can, at least test to see how the ESP-link portal works.

I modified tzapu wifimanager to work for my situation but now am having problems wirh mdsn service. Dont know yet its mdns library issue or what. Its not broadcasting consistently. Mdns and are initialized properly and mdns.update is being called regularly from main loop but sometimes its broadcasting sometimes not. I even downloaded and installed bonjour as per library readme but that didnt help.