ESPTool missing

To program the ESP8266 with the Arduino I need to program with the ESPTool.
However it's missing in the latest IDE 1.6.5 and gives compile errors.
It is suggested to download 'Arduino' from GitHub, however there is no Arduino.exe to install...
How to solve this?

Have you installed the core package for the ESP8266 (added: to the board manager URL list).

Yes I installed the core package you mentioned and installed all libraries for the esp8266.
When I go to the Arduino folder, looking for packages-esp8266-tools-esptool-0.4.5-esptool.exe and click on the exe file, it seems to install in a fraction of a second.
When returning to Arduino-tools-programmer, the Esptool is not listed..... and the program still gives compile errors.
There are rumours that there maybe upcoming an IDE specifically for ESP8266..... that would solve my problem....?

In the later IDE's Esptool seems to not show, however it does compile and upload fine on my machine. I have not seen it display since 1.6.1

it said ESPTool isn't a choice for tools>programmer · Issue #138 · esp8266/Arduino · GitHub

"esptool is now an "upload method", so it is no longer in the programmers menu."

Thanks IronHeart your comment got me going. Good call!!