Ethernet with poe sketch upload problem

I have just started with ardunio. I have bought a uno and the ethernet with poe (not shield).

I can program the uno no problem with the usb cable.

I cannot upload a sketch to the ethernet verison. I have purchased a ftdi cable from

Using Windows 7 64bit with version 22 and latest drivers for ftdi cable.

However when I uploaded the sketch I get the following error. Used the new boards.txt file from I have checked I am using the correct board and port in tools menu.

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00 avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

Checked out the post,67777.0.html and several other posts.

I have powered the board over the POE port and connected the ftdi cable. The board lights up with just the ftdi cable or just the poe or with both connected. I don't have anything powering the 2.1mm jack. I assume the board can be powered in several different ways.

Do I need to use a separate power supply to power the board when uploading ? Another post said I need to supply 5v to the Vin pin. How would this be wired ?

I can find very little information on this board (examples etc) I assume because it so new.

Any guidance would be appreciated

Operating voltage of Arduino Ethernet is 5V. But your FDTI cable voltage is 3.3V. This may be your problem.

Won’t the poe connection power the board or do I have to connect a separate 5v supply to vin. Going to try a 9v battery on the 2.1mm connection.

I have powered the board over the POE port and connected the ftdi cable.

Where is that board plugged in (ethernet-wise)?

By default the ethernet connection (where you plugged the board in) does NOT supply power. You have to connect to an ethernet port that DOES supply power.

I am using a 3com poe power supply. This has 2 ports, one back to the switch and the other to the device injecting the power onto the cat5 cable. The board powers up of the poe ethernet connection without anything else connected.

I am assuming this would supply the required 5v without connecting anything to the vin pin.

I have tried it with 9v battery connected to the board with same results.

The hardware spec clearly states I can use a ftdi cable to program the unit.

"Arduino Ethernet - This board contains an ATmega328 microcontroller and the same ethernet IC used on Ethernet Shield. You need a FTDI cable or a USBSerial adapter to program the ATmega328."

Can anyone suggest anything else to try.