Exporting Data to Excel

I was hoping to export data to Excel. What I ideally would want would be a column of x data and a column of y data so that I can import it into another software to plot it.

I have a LED flashing at different PWM values and a user should press a button when they see the LED flashing. The data I would like to collect would be the time the button is pressed and the PWM value when it is pressed.

I have come across ways to export to Excel which include printing to the serial monitor to create a CSV file or using PLX-DAQ. I was wondering if either of these methods or potentially another would be th best way to achieve what I was hoping for.

I’ve used the above for doing similar.

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Another option could be to have the Arduino write the data to a .csv file on SD card. Then transfer the SD card to the PC and use Excel to open it.

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This is by far the best way (PLX-DAQ is slow and can hang up at high data rates).

Instead of the serial monitor, though, capture the data using terminal program like TeraTerm or PuTTY on a PC, and log everything to disk. TeraTerm can also add a PC time stamp.

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Later versions of Excel have a built-in facility. I think it is called Data-stream. Failing that, any decent terminal programme will suffice. I have never had a problem with PLX-DAQ, and it's ability to deliver live graphs is not to be denied.

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