External SD card reader

On my MKR Zero, I would like to be able to use an external SD card reader connected to the SPI bus but ... it seems that the SD library does not allow me to not use the native SD (which is on a dedicated SPI bus).

Is there any parameter, or a simple detour, to be able to tell the library NOT to use the native SD and to use the standard SPI bus (and the CS pin supplied) for the external SD?

Thank you in advance



SD library

I would define my own SAMD variant in my_boards to suppress the on-board SD

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Very elegant solution, thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:


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If the reason for not using onboard card reader is because you need to move it away from the board, you can buy card reader extension, that plugs into the card slot and has female connector on the other end

True, good idea :slight_smile:, but ... at the moment I solved it by simply creating a new "board" with a new "variant" :wink:

In any case, thank you very much for the tip!


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