Fault detection in an optical fiber using arduino

Hello, i search a programm about fault detection in fiber optics.can some one Help me

If your looking for faults in the fibre itself, you’re looking for a Time Domain Reflectometer, spelt $$$

If in the tx/rx modules, you need specific knowledge and equipment for the device being tested.

Programm Arduino not a device

An Arduino does not have the hardware to make an OTDR, it doesn't matter what code you put on it, it can't do the job.

This is the circuit

What help are you looking for? Help here comes in 2 forms:

  1. You try something, get stuck, show us what you've done and which part you are struggling with and ask for help with that.
  2. You ask someone to write code for you, agree a price with someone if you can find someone interested in doing it, you pay, they write.

Which of these were you thinking of?

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I look for a code

So to be clear you want someone to write it for you?

I can move this to gigs and collaborations for you.

It would help if you indicated your budget.

I don't have money

What type of fault are you trying to detect? Broken fiber, bad splice, invalid data, etc? Just tapping into an operating fiber optic cable is not going to be easy.

What's the LDR for?
Ambient light sensor for the LCD backlight?

The schematic you posted makes little sense as a TDR.

The May 2021 issue of QST Magazine featured a DIY TDR for coax lines. If you have the optical connectors, the principle would be the same.

I don't think non-members can obtain the digital archive, but if you know a ham radio operator then he or she will likely be a member of the ARRL and can get a copy for you. Check your library to see if they get the magazine.

If you want someone to write to code for you then be prepared to pay.

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t is the most important part of our application which converts the optical source into equivalent voltage. Mostly a photodiode is used for the measurement of the power received from an optical fiber from the customer side. The photodiode is very much sensitive towards light. The photo diode will give a corresponding voltage signal in the range of mV or µV
This small voltage is again amplified with the help of an amplifier. In this paper an Operational amplifier of IC model LF411 is used for the same. But due the unavailability of the photo diode in the Proteus simulation software a LDR is used for the simulation process. LDR is having a property of showing high resistance in the dark and the resistance goes down in the presence of light. In the simulation, for both dark light and bright light are tested.

Broken fiber

This link you Can understand more


Code doesn't exist free?


See: How to get the best out of this forum

So all you are doing is measuring the light level in the fiber optic cable, then reading that on an analog port as a voltage reading. Basically nothing more than a voltmeter that outputs to an LCD screen and serial cable - what exactly are you having problems with, that should be fairly trivial.

The problem is with the code

This will not accomplish that in any way - that is what you need the optical time domain reflectometer for.

We just need to know if there is a problem or not