Feasibility of wifi/bt picture taking and sms/email

I have a feasibility question about a project:

I want to use either (or both for 2 different possibilities) a Bluetooth arduino or Ethernet arduino to take a picture and sms/email it to my phone when a button is pressed. I have seen the boards that have the ethernet shield plus the sd card slot for storing pictures but I am unsure on the best way to get them to my phone. I NEED this to be able to be expanded upon later on down the road for 100’s of units (all on their own network and not necessarily at my house). I CAN use a php script and run a web server if I need to but the biggest restriction I want to place is that I do NOT want the arduino connected to a computer to make this run, it needs to be autonomous after initial setup by the user. Does this sound do-able? Beyond a “yes” answer do you have any CURRENT threads to see to get me started building this project. I’ve seen outdated camera and sd card threads, but that’s it.



For such a project you would use the Arduino as a protocol converter / bridge. Say for example SPI in from camera and serial out to some RF module. Constraints are that the two devices use different serial interfaces (choice of SPI, I2C and serial on UNO + multiple serial on MEGA) and that inbound (camera) speed is less than outbound (RF/Ethernet) speed. This should be well within the reach of an Arduino.

You may want to look at this product and related documentation for some ideas.