FEATURE REQUEST - different colouring for posts by the OP

I mentioned this in another Thread some time ago - long before the current upgrade - and it got some favourable responses. I can’t find the old thread.

It would be very convenient if, within a Thread, posts by the OP were in a different background colour or had some other means to identify them. When you get to the middle of page 3 it can be very hard to remember who started a Thread and whether you should respond to a post (by the OP) or not if it was argumentative and by someone else.

I suggest that this should only be considered ONLY if it is a standard option within the SMF forum system.


Added it here: https://github.com/arduino/forum-issues/issues/118 Thank you

Thank you, Luca.


I think mastrolinux mentioned in another thread that discussions about proposed changes belong here, not on github.

I think this is a good idea. I frequently find myself inadvertently responding to thread hijackers when I think I am responding to the original poster.


Yes this is a good idea IMO.