File transfer via Bluetooth

I'd like to transfer files (txt or csv, one at a time, less than 1kBytes each) from an Arduino based board via Bluetooth to a PC or a mobile device (Tablet, running Android).
Using terminal software like HyperTerm, PuTTY or whatever works but is not a practical solution with having to start the terminal software, opening a logfile, sending the file, closing the logfile etc.
I'm think more of the way it works whe I send files from my mobile device to a PC or vice versa. I start the transfer ("send to" or "share") on one device and on the other device, a little window pops up, informing my that a file is or has been transferred.
Would it be possible to do that on an Arduino board (with BT, of course) ? The Arduino initiating the transfer, Android device or PC receiving it (without logging via terminal program, as explained above) ?
Yes, I do know to set up a BT connection, that not the problem :wink:

There were a few post regarding similar problems but I could not find a real solution to this problem.
Maybe, by now someone has figured out how to do that with modules like HC-0x ?

Thanks already for the support !

Interesting topic and although I have not tried.

You should be able to host a web page.
Then WiFi to open it.
And download it.

Once downloaded
Do you want to delete the file?
Then create a new and start again
Leave and append?

WiFi could be an option but would require a completely different approach as the device will be equipped with BT by design.
The files can be deleted when the transfer has been completed without any errors (checksum?).
The Ardunio-device will always create a new file with each measurement-cycle. This cycle is manually initiated after samples have been atteched to a sensor.
Data is stored on an SD-card. And it is no practical solution to remove the SD-card after each measurement :wink:
Storing / reading files from the SD-card is easy....

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