First Arduino project. Will this work?

Hello all,
I am in the process of building a plant tower system for growing tomatoes and strawberries. This system will have automatic watering using a Toro EVo controller. I need something to monitor whether or not they are getting watered, and if not send me an alert. This is where Arduino comes in.

I have never built a project using Arduino, but did find something online here that is almost what I need.

Since the Toro Evo will be controlling my watering, I do not need the pump controller. I modified the design of this Arduino project to eliminate that, as well as to turn the probe off and on to prevent corrosion.

Could someone familiar with Arduino look this over and let me know if it will work?

Much appreciated!!

code.txt (2.86 KB)

How about this?

Moisture sensor for Arduino.

-jim lee

Jim, Thanks for your replay. I am aware of that sensor, but what I am actually looking for is someone familiar with Arduino to look over my layout and code to make sure it will work.

I got the original plans from this site, but made modifications to the layout and code to match my requirements.

Not being familiar with Arduino, I am not sure if this is a working design/code and need an expert to look it over and correct any design/code flaws.