First Project advice

I am definitely a n00b still, but have done enough that I'm confident I have the skills to do this project, just maybe not the experience to avoid problems.

I'm planning a Time lapse dolly rig. The plan is a for a pully driven platform with a control station and adjustable settings. I'm really looking for help identifying which areas I may have problems with and if there are any major flaws here. I expect to spend several months getting it all worked out once I begin. Thanks in advance.

Part list: Flex DSLR skater dolly

AdaFruit Motor Shield

USB Host Shield for Arduino

2x 12V Stepper Motors

Arduino Uno

The build: The Arduino, motor shield, usb host shield a couple Pots and nixies would form a control station behind the rail. One motor shield feed would run along the rail to the pully stepper motor on one side of the rail. The Pots would control steps to take each movement and time delay between shots and rotation.

From the control station, a camera control feed and stepper motor feed would go to the platform. The platform will have some parts not listed, like a ball head camera mount, a tripod extension to raise the whole, thing, etc.

The rails would just be a smooth sanded wooden board, with either some 1x1" strips as edges, or whatever works to keep the wheels on track.

Was planning on using a LiPo from my last build (quad copter), but open to suggestions on power source as well.

Does any of this sound crazy to anyone? Thanks for any input!!

Does any of this sound crazy to anyone? Thanks for any input!!

You might search the forum for similar previous projects, as there seems to have been several.

I looked though most and got some info that helped pick parts. But looking to see if this setup has any issues off the bat.

I looked into the MX2 Dolly control shield on one of the posts, but am opting to use a motor control shield with the usb host shield so I can do it all myself. I may one day scrounge the parts and replace them with the MX2, but I'll have to hone my soldering skills, or fork over the cash for that. :)

I also knew to use at least a 12V stepper from this forum. I'd looked at the 5V one that is on amazon, but one of the other dolly posters confirmed it didn't have the power to move a camera platform properly.

I want to program this rig to loop through a slide-swivel-shoot-wait, loop. Using the Pots as values for distance and timing.