Fish Finder Transducer replacing Ultrasonic Sensor


I have been working on a robot for a water chemistry project and have run into an issue. I was giving a Venterior Portable Fish Finder (Model VT-FF001) and was told to have it run via an Arduino Uno board. I have a large amount of supplies (tools, wires, breadboards, etc.) but I can not figure out how to finish this sensor. I would like the transducer to read the depths and report it back and I know how to do it with a typical Arduino Ultrasonic Sensor or with a Piezo Electric Transducer, but sadly those are not options. any ideas on the topic are greatly appreciated! I am brand new to Arduino and would really appreciate some pointers.

Thank you in advance,


In my past experience with the matter I've never been able to find any detail on how to work with this type of transducer. I don't think it's an amateur endeavour.

You can buy transducers that follow NMEA standards (serial output and messages like a GPS) and that is what I see all hobbyist projects using. That type of transducer is much more expensive though starting around $200.

I think reverse engineering is needed to see how the unit energizes and amplifies the sensor signal...