Fix for HC-05 Bluetooth module causing noise on a Sparkfun Sound Sensor?

Hello all. I have an IR module, a Sparkfun Sound Sensor and a HC-05 bluetooth module all powered from the same rails on my breadboard. Additionally there is a strip of WS2012B’s with a different power supply that’s linked via a ground wire and data wire to the Arduino. Here’s a link to how the wiring setup looks (the software I’m using doesn’t have an HC-05 module graphic or sound sensor graphic so it’s just represented with wires).

I’ve found that when the bluetooth module is plugged into the rails it causes the Sound Detector to trigger in a looping pattern, sending incorrect data to my LED strip.

I’ve done some research and sound sensor looks to be triggering incorrectly because the HC-05 module injects voltage noise into my circuit (I think due to one ground wire being stepped down to 3.3v) and/or is digital and the sound sensor’s is analogue. So I think I’m correct in saying that as the voltages differ this causes the voltage reading equipment on the sound sensor to have an unreliable voltage base reference causing the sensor to trigger in this pattern.

Some more research put me in the direction of using capacitors or ferrite beads. I don’t have any of the latter though with the former I tried both those small 104 capacitors and a larger 50uF capacitor on the power rail but it didn’t do anything.

Would anyone here know another way to get the Bluetooth module and Sound Sensor to work with each other on the same circuit? Ideally as this is eventually going to be a wearable I’d like to have all of this powered of the same circuit though if that’s impossible I’d love to know how to correctly wire a new power supply for just the sound sensor.