Fluxamasynth bagpipe chanter

Hello all

I am working on writing code for a fluxamasynth bagpipe chanter.

Here are my boards, fluxamasynth, arduino un, arduino (compatible) midi controler.
Don’t worry, I have the Fluxamasynth libraries.

My question is how do I define notes as leds on the fluxamasynth board?
Arduino Shield List: Modern Device Fluxamasynth Shield <------This shows the board.

Do I have to program the midi controler?

I will post the code I have for the sake of it.

#include <Fluxamasynth.h>
#include <NewSoftSerial.h>
#include <PgmChange.h>

  Fluxamasynth = Fluxamasynth();

Your question does not make any sense to me but have you looked at the example sketches in the Quick Start Guide ?

What I’m trying to ask is what code do I add to define a note as a spot on the fluxamasynth board.
A0 to A5.
D0 to D13.

I am tring to make touch senitive controls. maybe with a pressure switch?
And most definitely an midi control board for changing instruments and hooking it up to another midi device.
https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9595 <------Much like this one.
code like this.


Any code suggestion? :~ :~
Now I have my arduino compatible midi controler shield!
Can I program it with the uno on bottom, fluxamasynth, middle, midi shield on top?