Forum Feature Request / Sugestion

Greetings Moderators and Developers;

I would like to see a user option to see their Questions; Answers and Tutorials.
This makes it quick and easier an to find a specific thread.
For instance: I came back to ask a question and noticed one of my tutorials had some suggestions from other users. Therefore it would be easier to have options to find this one (so I could edit and provide better quality to it).
After I left the page... Well... I still haven't found my thread....

I assume you've used or still use stackoverflow and (if so); you know how fairly easy it is for a user to get their stuff.
This forum definitely needs something like that.

Best regards;

Here's how you can find your previous posts:

  • Hover the mouse pointer over your avatar in the top right corner of any page.
  • Click "Profile".
  • Click "Forum Settings > Edit".
  • Click "Show Posts".

I also strongly recommend setting your notification setting on the forum settings page so that you will get notifications when there is a reply to one of your posts.

Thank you! :smiley:

It doesn't make much sense have to follow so many paths to find our posts.
In my personal logical opinion; following Profile should have a direct option for users posts.

I mean.. I don't wish to edit the profile to get my posts; right?

Best regards;

Click on your username on any of your posts in this thread.
Click on “show posts”.

No editing required.

You’re welcome.

(sp. “suggestion”)

I bookmark all the Threads that I create and any others that I think I will wish to refer to in the future.


Do what TheMemberFormerlyKnownAsAWOL described.
Then press ctrl-d (will work on most browsers) to create a new bookmark.

Next time, use the bookmark to see an up to date list of any of your contributions.

I mean.. I don't wish to edit the profile to get my posts; right?

Yes, this is a non-obvious path to need to follow to find your posts. This has confused many others before you.

there are other ways. for example Alerts -> All alerts -> Profile Info -> Messages