Found a place for cheap pcb manufacturing

After a bit of digging I found a place for super cheap PCB manufacturing.

My design is 1" X 1.1" which cost $6 for three pcs + $5 shipping. I'm in no rush so $5 is the cheapest available.

Thats crazy cheap and my first order with them so I'll follow up once I get them back.


What are you making that is so small? 25.4mm x 27.94mm

The smallest thing I ever did was 25mm x 50mm, my Leonarduino (little Leonardo). And the 50 was just to get all the header pins in.

It's a tiny OLED display with a 328, linear reg and two pushbuttons.

Pics at:


The service formerly known as laen, or dorkbot.

Good quality boards, good price, and you can have any color silkscreen you like, as long as it's purple. :expressionless:

I've got a couple sets out right now, probably be back the end of this week or early next week.


Mike, your clock looks great, I like it.
What OLED display are you using?
Care to share the code?

My coding skills are pretty bad so I just repackaged this project:

The OLED is from ebay and is crazy small.


I think the OLED is smaller than the one in my home scope LOL

Those tiny scopes are cool. Not sure if I would every use it but I love the idea and size of it. The OLED screen I have is 1" x 1.1"in size.

Fusion PCB Manufacturing & Prototype PCB Assembly - Seeed Studio also looks like a pretty good deal for boards. They're in pre-set sizes, and it's a minimum of 10, but 10 ea., 5x5cm boards are $10. will do any quantity you want. $10 setup, then $2.50/in^2 with a minimum of one in^2 (but after that first in^2, they don't round up on the board size).

Iteadstudio does similar.
Up to 5cm x 5cm
Up to 5cm x 10cm
Up to 10cm x 10cm
Larger than 10cm x 10cm
Larger than 20cm x 20cm
Larger than 30cm x 30cm
Within the "Larger than" categories they have a large selection of "Up to" subsizes as welll:
5x15, 10x15, 15x15, 5x20, 10x20, 15,x20, 20x20
5x25, 10x25, 15x15, 20x25, 25x25
5x30, 10x30, 15x30, 20x30, 25x30, 30x30

30x30 looks like custom quote?

Also 4 layer, color options (Green standard; Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White), material thickness options, (0.4mm, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6, 2,0), surface finish options, test options.
I have purchased the 5x5cm and 10x10cm. If you're clever in Eagle, you can create neat shapes too.

From what I've seen, Iteadstudio and seeedstudio are offering the same services (except for 4-layer with seeedstudio) for the same prices--wonder if they're the same folks. How have your experiences been with iteadstudio?

I only have positive comments about iteadstudio.
If you look at my signature link, all the green boards came from iteadstudio.
The yellow & blue boards are from which also turned out very nice.
All came back error free, clear & crisp stencilling, no electrical problems at all.
They both accept really small dimensions as well - 6 & 8 mil wide traces, 12mil diameter holes, 8 & 10 mil clearances.

The unsoldermasked board came from a US boardhouse in AZ, I needed a board real quick and didn't wamt to pay extra and wait longer for soldermask & silkscreen, which made assembly tricky - way to easy to have shorts with 10 mil traces and 10 mil clearances. China shops were closed for New Years, calendar oversight on my part. Now that I know how much easier solder mask makes assembly, I will use that on All boards I order, US or international.

From what I've seen, Iteadstudio and seeedstudio are offering the same services (except for 4-layer with seeedstudio) for the same prices--wonder if they're the same folks.

Iteadstudio and Seeedstudio are different companies but for their PCB services they both use the same PCB company, which I guess is why they offer similar prices and services.

Hello folks
I'm starting making my own pcb and today I finished my board on eagle.I had choose the ITEAD to get my first pcb but now I need to generate the gerber files to seendto then.
They need this:
Top layer: pcbname.GTL
Bottom layer: pcbname.GBL
Solder Stop Mask top: pcbname.GTS
Solder Stop Mask Bottom pcbname.GBS
Silk Top: pcbname.GTO
Silk Bottom pcbname.GBO
NC Drill: pcbname.TXT

Any help you can I generate this files from eagle to this specific manufacter?
My board have 2 layers

Go to itead studio,

Select Download and download the eagle files
2Layer CAM for Eagle 5.x ITEADstudio_CAM for Eagle5.x.
2 Layer CAM for Eagle 6.x ITEADstudio_CAM for
2Layer DRC for Eagle ITEADstudio_DRC.zip2

Put the .drc file in the eagle DRC folder.
Put the .cam file in the eagle CAM folder.

With the schematic open, run the DRU check (tools:DRU I think, don't have it on this computer)
Address all the errors, make sure you understand the warning.

With the board open, run the DRC check - load the iteadstudio file and let it run, it will tell you about overlapping signals, signals too close, pins too close to the edge, pins not connected. Address all those. Some you may just approve, like unconnected pins if they are not actually used.
You will likely get a lot of warnings that are silkscreen related. If your component names are where you want them, those can be ignored.

To create the gerbers it's a 2-step process.
Select File:CAM processor, shoud bring up another screen.
On that screen, select File:Open Job, browse to the iteadstudio .cam file.
Then select Process Job. Close the CAM processor screen when done.

Now you will have all the files itead needs.
You can review them with a free viewer from

Zip all the files except .sch & .brd and send them to the address itead will send you after you make the board purchase.

I'm not looking at the eagle screens as I type this, so it may not be 100% correct, but close enough that you can find what's needed.

Thanks it really simplify my problem.
In your opinion, when run the DRC check I get a lot of warnings about "stop mask".Can I ignore this warning?

If you are happy with your reference designator placements (R1, R2, C1, etc) and anything else you have on the Names layers (25 & 26), then you can ignore them. I try and place all names so they don't overlap vias, pads, holes, and also the place markings for parts. You can right-click a part, SMASH it, and then move names, change their properties for size, font, etc.

Review the gerber files, you see can see what will end up the top & bottom for stenciling.

Is that what all my "stop mask" errors are? Silk screen that overlaps something?

After a bit of digging I found a place for super cheap PCB manufacturing.

I just checked their site, and one thing worth pointing out is that their boards are all ENIG, which means gold immersion. I order all my boards ENIG because I believe its well worth the extra expense. So if you compare prices to this place be sure the place you're comparing to also is quoting ENIG.

I have been happy with International Circuits, but that does not mean I won't at least look :wink:

"Is that what all my "stop mask" errors are? Silk screen that overlaps something? "
Yep. Large qty of them will be the outlines around connectors for instance.